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Create elegant virtual graves

Viaterna transforms life stories and photos into a beautiful and elegant virtual grave accessible by any device: from your laptop, through tablet to mobile phones.

We constantly improve our visual templates based on your individual needs and feedback.

Digital Grave example

Stories and tributes

Share memories about loved ones

Each memorial place have special areas to commemorate the loved ones who passed away.

Within the circles of family and friends you can write tributes and exchange stories about the passed away person. 

Virtual memorial place - stories and tributes

Roles and responsibilities

Choose guardians for your resting place

Invite family and friends to contribute to the eternal memorial place. They can be either members who can share stories and tributes, or you can assign guardians who will take care of the virtual resting place once the memorial owner passes away.

Roles and responsibilities for virtual graveyard

Access control

Manage memorial's visibility

Have a complete control over the privacy of your memorials. You can either publish your virtual grave as a public one that can be accessible through Viaterna memorial listing or make it a private one accessible via the unique link that you share among your family and friends.

Create memorial - choose visibility

Private messages and forum

Be in touch with loved ones

Family, distant relatives and old friends might be dissipated across the globe. But with Viaterna you can bring them all together to reconnect. Have private 1-on-1 conversations with Viaterna Private Messaging system or group conversations with Viaterna Groups and Viaterna Forums.

Viaterna private messages

Virtual Memorial (coming soon)

Visit Memorial Place in Virtual Reality

When the loved ones pass away we still seek the natural,  tangible connection with them. Virtual reality gives you the ability to experience a virtual grave like you are there.

Virtual Reality Memorial Place

More features coming soon

It's just the beginning

We are constantly working on new features that help save memories of the loved ones for the future generations. Join us now and be the part of the eternal Viaterna journey.


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